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A & J Truck Repair has been serving Southern California for more than 30 years. From humble beginnings A & J has transformed into a powerhouse of diesel repair and truck service Redlands to Ontario. Headquarters in Norco, CA we are a short drive from most points in Southern California, offering the best in Diesel Truck Repair.

We specialize in boom truck, digger derrick repair, bucket truck repair, boom truck repair and replacement, bucket truck boom repair, hydraulic boom truck repair, boom truck crane repair, yard spotter's, airplane tug, beverage trucks and trailers, truck bodies, cab & chassis, cable puller, cargo and service vans, chipper trucks, cranes, day cabs and tractors, dry vans, fuel trucks, dump trucks, Dur-a-Lift trucks, fiber trailers, flatbed dump trucks, flatbed trucks, forklifts, reel and pole trailers, roll off trucks, service utility trucks, Terex tree trucks, trailers, water trucks, yard spotters, to name a few of the trucks we service and repair.

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